Frankincense spotlight

Frankincense is by far my favourite essential oil. There’s just so many things you can use it for. I first tried it when I was in labour with my second daughter to help with stress and anxiety and it did wonders for me. It is known for its grounding and sedative properties, it helps to clear the mind and just help you focus and relax(which being a mother of two I need a lot of). When I first received it in my family physician kit, I used it at work often by just smelling from the bottle to help me if i started getting stressed or anxious. When I heard that it was an astringent, I started using it in my moisturizer to help tone and keep redness to a minimal. It’s incredible how quickly it stops bleeding and gets rid of almost all redness on cuts. The next thing I found out about it is that it is great for the immune system and is a tonic, so I used it when I had a cold and my cold was gone by day 3.

Cold and Flu bomb JPEG- larger for blog

A few other things it helps with are

Oral health: get rid of sores, toothaches, bad breath, or use it in toothpaste and mouthwash as an antiseptic

Skin: use on cuts and scrapes as a coagulant and to prevent infection by inhaling or using in a skin cream to tone and tighten skin and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles; scars; stretch marks; and sun spots

Menstrual discomfort: helps ease menstrual cramps, mood swings associated with hormonal changes, nausea, and fatigue

Gas: get rid of painful stomach cramps and discomfort by applying frankincense to the abdominal region to help remove gas from the body

Digestion: instead of using an antacid to mask the symptoms of indigestion, use frankincense to actually help your body get rid of the problem. What it does is actually speed up the secretion of digestive juices to help with overall digestion.

Tonic: frankincense helps with overall health by calming the mind and aiding the nervous system

Diuretic: a healthy way to get rid of excess water which also helps lower blood pressure- totally safe and doesn’t put toxins into your body with harmful drugs

Respiratory: It helps get rid of phlegm and calms coughs, provides relief from bronchitis and nasal and chest congestion. Because it is an anti-inflammatory, it helps relax the breathing passages to help prevent asthma attacks(please use a puffer during an asthma attack though. There is a time and place for modern medicine and in emergencies, drugs should be used).

Cold and Flu: It eases body pain, headaches, and rising body temperatures

Stress and Anxiety: Frankincense Oil is a great sedative, it induces a feeling of peace, relaxation, satisfaction and spirituality. It lowers anxiety, anger and stress. Frankincense essential oil has a grounding effect which helps you to breathe deeply and relax, which opens your breathing passages and reduces blood pressure

Uterus: Frankincense is great for overall uterine health. It naturally regulated the amount of estrogen production, which helps to prevent cysts and tumors in the uterus and also encourages a regular menstrual cycle

Tumors: there’s been no research to back this up, probably because cancer and health care make the government so much money, though there are papers online by doctors who have personal opinions on the subject, but many people have found that frankincense actually shrinks tumors. I’ve heard many testimonials of it reducing the size of tumors in dogs after only a few days, as well as a young lady who had several bouts of cancer since childhood and after the getting it again at the age of 23, she was told that she would not survive this one. She started taking frankincense as well as eating a healthy diet and returned to the doctor who was stunned at the state of her health and she was told that she would live much longer than the couple months she was told she would live.

I cannot claim that essential oils cure anything, but they’ve sure helped my life and the lives of many other people.

Caution: ALWAYS use a high quality essential oils if taking internally. Most oils on the market will claim to be “pure”, when it reality they only have a small percentage of the actual essential oil, this could cause sensitivity to the skin and/or causes it to be much less effective. I suggest dōTerra essential oils since it’s what I’ve been using for my family and I and we’ve seen great results, unlike other brands we’ve tried who have claimed to be 100% essential oil but did not have the testing or certification to back them up.

Also, Frankincense essential oil should not be used during pregnancy, since it does act as an emmenagogue (aids in production of estrogen) and astringent.

Blending: I’ve found that Frankincense works great with any citrus including wild orange and bergamot, as well as Lavender and Sandalwood. is a fantastic place to learn more about essential oils.

Thanks for coming to read all about frankincense. I love you all for coming to read and support my blog<3
Update: I now am a member of the Young Living community:) 

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