Growing up, my dad would juice wheatgrass and made us drink blue green algae(spirulina and chlorella) and it was like making me eat vomit… it was so bad. So when i moved out to the island and heard that juicing is a think that people WANTED to do, I thought they were all crazy. I had some friends who would juice, but they’d put kale or garlic in it, it just seemed too weird still.

Then one day I was introduced to a movie called “Food Matters” where they talked about health and how people these days have such a crazy view on how to eat healthy and how we really don’t know anything at all. They talked about juicing and how it can get vitamins to your body faster and easier than other methods. I thought i’d try it out and ended up loving it. For quite a few months, my 3 year old daughter and I had a glass of juice first thing in the morning after our water and vitamins. I felt great and it ended up helping me make smarter food choices and I lost about 40 lbs over a few months.

I sold my juicer at christmas so that I could buy a better one but ended up not being able to decide on which one I wanted. The other day though, i was able to find one of the juicers I’d been deciding between and it was on sale! So finally, we get to have our juice everyday again 😀

My favourite basic juice is:

1 apple

4 sticks of celery

1 beet

and 3-5 carrots(depending on size)

Right now I have the Breville Multispeed-510 and am loving that it has multiple speeds. It also looks a lot nicer than the Breville Juice Fountain Plus- 98XL, which is the last one I had.

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