There’s an essential oil for that…


I am constantly amazed by how many different uses essential oils have. For literally anything you can think of, there’s an essential oil to help with it. Each oil has several different uses so some oils I just keep a roller bottle of just the one oil but use it almost daily for several different things. Lavender for example is especially great calming. So before putting the kids to bed or down for a nap I’ll put it on their clothes or neck. I use it to help increase circulation (pregnancy legs) or when you have a headache , cuts and scrapes, and many more uses.

After having my baby surgically removed from my body the other day, I tried to find some things to help both physically and spiritually. First I made a blend of Helichrysum, frankincense, lavender, and fractionated coconut oil for the incisions they made in my abdomen. I’ve been applying that a couple times each day when I change the bandages. I wasn’t given any stitches for two of the cuts they made, but they’re both closed up and healing well now.

The second  blend is for after a miscarriage, to help balance hormones and help your body heal. My husband has been helping me by rubbing it on my back, arms, and legs. It’s a mixture of frankincense, geranium, lavender, wild Orange, and FCO. The lavender I added to help calm me and the wild Orange is to balance out the layers and also helps put me in a better mood.

The third blend is for grief or loss. My emotions are kind of everywhere. Some moments I feel like I’ve come to terms with everything, I understand that it was out of my control, that everything will be okay. Sometimes I feel scared and don’t want to think about the future. What if we try again, but then I miscarry? What if I have another ectopic pregnancy and lose my other tube? Sometimes, like today, I just feel numb, I feel like none of it matters, that I never knew my baby and that I’d only known for about a week and a half, so it just doesn’t matter. I just want to sleep and forget that any of it even happened. This blend helps me not feel so depressed, helps ground me, reminds me that it’s okay to feel things, it’s okay to cry. I used lemon, lavender, bergamot(helps with feelings of sadness), clary sage(helps balance hormones), and juniper berry(helps a lot with stress). I’ve been diffusing this blend or I’ll put a few drops on my scarf or just smell it from the bottle.

I don’t know what I’d do without my essential oils. My anxiety and stress used to be so bad that I had a hard time even taking my kids to the park. Now I use them daily for everything from focusing, anxiety and stress and calming the kids down, to things like painful mouth sores, colds, bleeding/cuts, keeping bugs away, detoxing, upset stomach issues, and many many more.

If you ever have any questions about how essential oils can help you, feel free to message me. Essential oils are my favourite hobby and passion and I love talking about them:)

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