Since my surgery in July I’ve been a little depressed and have totally given up on eating healthy. It’s gotten so bad that I just crave sugar all the time. We eat out all the time and nothing is really homemade. I feel terrible that my kids are eating poorly now and then the fact that my clothes fit differently just smack me in the face every time I get dressed. 

The issue though is that every time I think “I really need to do this, I REALLY need to start eating healthier” I think”Where do I even start??”. Continuing this way isn’t helping with depression and then of course my body doesn’t feel great. I just feel like I’m in a constant downward spiral. 

I’ve been trying to do little things here and there, but then I find an excuse to eat like crap again:( Finally I’ve done some research on where to start getting back to eating healthy. So here are some steps I’ll be taking: 

1: Only drink water. Definitely no pop, kombucha occasionally and fresh veggie/fruit juice is okay. 

2: Snack on veggies and fruit instead of sugar filled/processed foods. 

3: Use almond or cashew milk instead of cow’s milk. 

4: Eat Whole grain bread. No enriched wheat flour. 

5: Add fresh veggies to dinner. 

6: Stick to chicken or no meat at all. 

7: No ordering in. Instead make it at home.

8: Nuts instead of chips

9: Whole grain cereal instead of that sugar filled stuff. 

10: Try a vegetarian meal every once in a while. 

About 2 years ago I used to be vegetarian, dairy free, and sugar free. I felt amazing and was generally happy with my weight. I’m not one that’s good with traditional “diets”. I do better with just eating healthy and just living a lifestyle change. Short diets may help you lose weight in the short term, but long term it does more damage. Mind you, eating whatever you want and gaining 15 lbs in 5 months isn’t healthy either, but that’s why I know how badly I need this. 

And if you’ve read my other blog posts, you’ll notice that I will be soon be pregnant with someone else’s child hopefully. A “diet” like this is a good thing when trying to become pregnant or when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Cutting or watching calories is generally not easy and for me at least, it doesn’t help put me in a good mind set.  So, just eating healthy and drinking lots of water is a great idea and goes hand in hand with my plans for this next year especially. 

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