Things are Happening! 

The other day, I received an email from my IPs’ fertility clinic about everythinng that going to happen in the next month and a half. Basically things are moving VERY fast now.  I skyped with the psychologist this morning and everything went well. The lady that I’m corresponding with at the clinic needs to know all about my cycle and she said that once she gets all my tests back, that we should be able to schedule a frozen embryo transfer for my next cycle:) So exciting!!! I can’t believe that everything is happening right away. It seemed like everything was at a stand still and suddenly it’s all going to be here before I know it. My husband is leaving for a couple weeks soon, so hopefully he’s here for when I need to do the transfer. If he’s not, my IPs have said that they’ll fly out my sister instead:) Would be nice to travel with my husband and just have him there with me though.

And even better news! Turns out that the doctor my IPs are working with is pro natural cycle FET(frozen embryo transfer). So all those needles and drugs I said I’d have to take for a month leading up to the transfer and then a month after? Well I’m not taking any!! I have to have my blood drawn daily, but that’s nothing compared to having needles in my butt everyday. I’m just so stoked about that part:)

Got a BC requisition for my tests and then had my blood drawn the other day. They said it’ll take 1-2 weeks to get results and then once we have the results, we’ll book the transfer. I’m hoping that everything gets done on time, but we’ll see. They said the transfer will probably be around February 12th, but there’s so many things to do before then. 

First, before anything further can happen, they need blood and swab results and then they can book the transfer. If the blood results come back saying it’s all good, then they can begin contracts. Hopefully we have enough time to finish contracts because we cannot do the transfer until that’s done. One of the other surrogates even mentioned that she signed her contract hours before. I just really don’t want to feel pressured, like if there’s a small detail I’m worried about and they have to redo the contract for it, but there’s not enough time between that and the transfer window:/ My IPs are amazing and I get along so well with them that I can’t see there being any issues, but it’s just all happening very quick.

Some things that will come up in the contract are wether or not I’m willing to selectively reduce the pregnancy or abort for certain reasons, birth plan, wether or not I’ll be pumping milk for the baby, and many other things. The budget is in the contract as well, so basically what I’m allowed to spend on the pregnancy. They reimburse me for things like vitamins or medication, maternity clothes, trips to appointments or time off of work due to being pregnant. They’re aware that I’ve been quite nauseous throughout all my other pregnancies but I’m hoping to put my knowledge from my previous pregnancies to use and just hoping that it’ll be different this time. 

Hopefully everything gets done on time:) My IPs are super supportive and don’t want me to feel rushed or anything, I just don’t want to be the one holding things up since they’ve been waiting so long already:( I’ll post with any more updates though😊

3 thoughts on “Things are Happening! 

  1. Good luck! But oh my gosh. Selectively aborting a baby is in the contract? You mean if you sign that you are knowingly signing on for killing one of the babies or the baby itself of only one? I hope you don’t have to agree to that! You are LDS right? That means you would be held accountable, face Church disciplinary action and possible excommunication. Please do not sign onto that even if they want you to. You don’t have to do that. Why would anyone sign onto that???? It would be a deal breaker for most women . Offer to keep one of the babies yourself! I can’t believe they would ask you to “reduce” aka kill one of the babies in your womb.


    1. I just need to make sure that in the contract they agree to let me not selectively reduce. I couldn’t go on knowing they may ask me to. It was one of the first things I asked when interviewing intended couples. I made sure that they understood that under no circumstances could they ask me to abort, even if the baby was sick/ had a terminal disease/ or anything like that. My IPs aren’t even doing an amniocentesis because they’re just happy with whatever they get.
      Aside from church policy, I couldn’t live with myself if I aborted my child or anyone else’s.


    2. Some people will transfer more than one embryo to increase the chances of a baby being implanted, but even though I’d be fine with a multiples pregnancy, my IPs are only transferring 1 embryo at a time.


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