Transfer Postponed☹️

I’ve never been so excited to get my period. Lol. As soon as those cramps start coming, all I want is chocolate and a warm nap. But this month I couldn’t wait. I was 2 days late which made it feel like forever. When I finally got it, I emailed the clinic ASAP even though it was in the evening after they’d closed for the day. My day 1 was supposed to be the day we could finally book the transfer. But after a few emailed exchanged between the clinic and my IF(intended father), they informed me that they wouldn’t be able to do the contracts in time so it was best to wait until March for the transfer. 

I was a little let down since I already have the time booked off next week for the transfer and because I really want to get pregnant as soon as possible for my IPs. If we have a successful transfer next month, the baby will be due right between my kid’s birthdays/ Christmas/ crazy month. I was also super stoked though because I thought that since it was in March, maybe my husband could come with me to the transfer😄 

After some discussion about the details of what will happen during my next cycle, I quickly realized that I’m probably going to have to go alone to the transfer. Which isn’t a huge deal, it would just be nice if my husband were there, you know? Basically my options are to either bring my sister who has her 3 month old, bring my sister and her baby as well as my two girls(which my IPs really want), possibly being my husband which is highly unlikely, or go alone. My sister’s in school so it might be a bit tricky for her😕

What’s going to happen next month:

  • Day 1 I notify the clinic where the transfer will be(My IPs clinic)
  • Day 1-9 start getting my blood drawn every day or two at the fertility clinic here as well as getting 1-2 ultrasounds to check uterine lining
  • Approximately Day 10 or 11 I will be flying out to the IPs fertility clinic where I will have my last ultrasound and then they will decide from there when the transfer will be, probably day 15-17

Hopefully I don’t have a crazy cycle and am late or early so that I can actually plan things this time😕 but we’ll see. As anxious as I am and sad that it’s been postponed, I’m still so excited for my IPs. I know they’re probably feeling way more impatient than I am:) 

Anyways. That’s my update for the last couple weeks😬 Other than this craziness, everyone in my family has been sick and I’ve been basically gulping down essential oils to keep me clean, so far it’s worked😊 If you’re interested in an updated cold and flu post, let me know😘 And feel free to post comments or questions, I’ll always respond. 

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