Forever Young

After a lot of deliberation and discussion with my husband, I’ve decided to switch which oil company I buy from. Some of the main reasons are that the new company has a Canadian store so I can buy my oils without the crazy exchange rate and that they have many more oils than dōTERRA. So I am now officially a member of Young Living Essential Oils!!! 

I got my starter kit today as well as a few other oils I ordered and a few I got for free even! As I’m writing this, I’m enjoying northern lights black spruce and lavender in my new dewdrop diffuser💆🏻It is heavenly. And I’m obsessed😁

   I read a blog that outlined the differences between the brands, and after reading it over, I realized that the strengths I thought doTERRA had weren’t really as they appeared. DoTERRA prides itself in its testing, but YL does testing as well and even more than doTERRA. YL owns all of their farms, whereas doTERRA has contacts with farms and isn’t able to completely supervise everything that goes on, so there’s no way of knowing what the distillation process of length is with their oils:/ There are several other things outlined in this blog, but I’m just excited for something new. I love my doTERRA oils but I’m excited for something new😁 

For all of my local friends, I have many samples for whoever wants one and I’ll be having a make and take party soon. So we’ll make something like bath bombs, body butter, cleaning products, etc. If you have any suggestions or comments, please take a moment to write a comment. 

I’ll also be giving away a 5ml of Northern Lights Black Spruce to a lucky winner, valued at 39.80$ 😘 To enter the draw, share this link on Facebook with your friends. Good Luck! 

Here’s a little more information about Northern Lights Black Spruce. It’s a grounding oil, so it helps in relaxing and calming the mind or for meditation. 


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