💚Gaga for Green💚 Young Living March 2016 Promos 🇨🇦Canada

Yay!! The promos for this month are finally here!! I love this part of Young Living SOOO much. You get freebies AND money back for just buying stuff that you love! They’ve got Marjoram, Lime, Peppermint, Citronella, and upto 60PV($ back for next months order) up for grabs this month. 

And if you’re not wanting to commit to purchasing every month from YL, I’ll still give you my wholesale discount. Just message me! 

So here they are:

When you buy 190PV worth, you’ll receive  a 15ml- Lime and a 15ml- Marjoram as well as 10 promotional points! All of that totally free! 

When you buy 250PV worth, you’ll receive 15ml- Peppermint, 15ml- Lime, and 15ml Marjoram!! As well as 60 promotion points! 

When you buy 300PV or more, you’ll receive all of that plus citronella, so 4x15ml of oil and 60 promotion points. 

Promotional points are equal to $ amounts, so if you order 250pv this month, you’ll have an extra 60$ in your account next month. So awesome! 

To show the value of all this free stuff you’ll be getting, here’s the value of the freebies this month. 

15ml Lime- 15.50$ Wholesale, 20.39$ Retail

15ml Marjoram- 43.50$ Wholesale, 57.24$ Retail

15ml Peppermint- 27$ Wholesale, 35.53$ Retail 

15ml Citronella- 24.25$ Wholesale, 31.91$ Retail 

If you buy 190PV, you’ll get 69$ worth of product and points.

Buy 250PV,  you’ll get 146$ worth of product and points. 

Buy 300PV+, you’ll get 170.25$ worth of product and points. 

On top of that, you get another 10-20% of your order to put towards an order next month. That’s insane! You could get upto 57% of your order in product and YL$. 

And if you’re wanting to sign up to get all these perks, just message me and I’ll chat with you and let you know everything and answer all your questions:) 

Young Living online 

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