I got in yesterday morning around 2pm and finally met my IPs. They are seriously the sweetest people in the world and I couldn’t have picked a better couple to have a baby for. They are just genuine, nice people. They are constantly thanking me and telling me what an angel I am. We had such a nice time yesterday just getting to know each other. They make almost everything themselves, so eating here is fantastic. We ate at an amazing vegan place for lunch and then got some dairy/gluten free cupcakes. For supper, they made chicken in gluten free pasta as well as home made pesto.

Today was transfer day, so we woke up at 4am my time to get ready. We had an amazing breakfast with green juice that they made fresh as well as fruit, oatmeal, and homemade sour dough bread. Ugh! Amazing! There was a bit of a drive to the fertility centre and I had to drink a little of water before the appointment, so by the time we got there I was doing the potty dance. Also didn’t help that they have a waterfall there. Haha.  

I wore lucky socks and nails to keep hopeful and for good luck

We transferred a 5day embryo which means it’s had 5 days to develop into hundred of cells. It’s already a strong survivor:)A 3 day transfer would have been only 8 cells from only developing over 3 days. 

I started progesterone today, I’ll start doing pee sticks next Sunday and then I have a blood test to confirm in two weeks. With a positive, after 8 weeks, I’ll continue progesterone as well as daily HCG shots.  

This was taken right after the transfer. I was trying not to cry. It’s just so amazing that I have this opportunity to help a couple achieve something that they’re unfortunately not able to do alone. I can’t imagine what it has been like for them to get to this point. I so badly want to give them a little sparkle of hope💜

 Eek! I’m so excited. There was this weird moment when the doctor said “the eagle has landed” and I was like “wow! There’s a baby inside me! Like, I could actually be pregnant”. It’s just so surreal. I can’t wait to start testing and hopefully have the best news my IPs have heard:) 

Send sticky wishes and love to this embie💗💙

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