7 Days Post Transfer

They say to start testing at about 7 days post transfer/DPT but most surrogates who trasnfer a 5 day embryo will start testing right away. I happened to be one of them😁😅 I got home Tuesday morning and took a test that night. You’re supposed to test in the morning but I just couldn’t wait to start testing. 

The crinone/progesterone that I’m taking is giving me some not so fun side effects. They basically just make me feel super pregnant. So I’m tired all the time, I have to pee at least 3 times during the night now, I have hot flashes a few times/day, and I have mild-terrible nausea. So that on top of some weird cramps/twinges I was getting early on, every time I’d take a test it wasn’t so much”Am I pregnant?” but “when will I see a line confirming that I am so I can finally tell my IPs?”. Thursday night and then Friday during the day, my uterus just felt pregnant. I don’t know really how to explain it, but it had that feeling. 

So I tested everyday, several times, and still nothing on Wednesday which was my 3DPT. Sally from Surrogacy in Canada sent me 5 sensitive tests and 6 first response line tests. I’m terrible… So I used those in the first few days somehow. So I bought some dollar store tests and would use those every time I woke up at night. 

Thursday night I had a dream that I finally got a line and then was trying to figure out how to tell my IPs. I wanted to make sure I told them both at the same time. My IF(intended father) always has his phone on him even if he’s working, whereas IM(intended mother) rarely has her phone on her and definetly not if she’s working. So for some reason I told IF first and then we surprised IM with it later. I woke up with anxiety over how I could never do that and that I’d have to tell them both at the same time somehow. 

Friday morning I took a test and still nothing, so I started cleaning up and getting ready to leave the washroom when I saw a little tiny squinter line. I flipped out but was worried it was past the time it was valid and that it was simply a dry line. So I took another… And sure enough another line appeared within the time limit. Still a squinter, but any second line counts as pregnant😄   

I know its nearly impossible to see, but I promise it’s there

So now to figure out how to tell them at the same time. I texted IM to see how she was doing and it appeared she wasn’t working. So then I asked her if she wanted to FaceTime later when IF was home from work and then they could see the goodies the girls got in their baskets for Easter(we did ours a little early since my parents were in town). She went for it and said she’d let me know when he was home. 

Later that night after a date with my husband, I sat down and facetimed with them. We chatted about a job offer I got and how the girls were doing and how my parents were visiting and how nice it was to have them here to help. Then I sent them both a text with this picture: 


IF saw it first and goes “what did you send us Jazsmin?”. So they both take a look are are reading it in disbelief. They’re saying”what is this? Is it…. Is this?” and then they realize what it is and they’re just over the moon. It hadn’t really sunken in yet and there was more shock than anything else. Because of everything they’ve been through, they were trying not to get too excited and said we needed to wait for betas(blood test numbers) and that I’ll need to take more tests to verify. Then IM started bawling. She said she was just so happy. They were so excited at the prospect of having a baby by the end of the year. It was so sweet. I’m so excited for them and just keep praying that this baby wants to stay put so that he/she can meet their parents soon. 

Their due date as of now is December 7th. Just waiting for betas on 14DPT to confirm☺️ All of us can’t wait.  

Here my 5DPT, 6DPT, and today at 7DPT at the time they were taken. 



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