6 Weeks, Day 6

As predicted, I’m constantly nauseous these days. Last week I encountered some changes or just more intense pregnancy symptoms. My sense of smell has gone crazy and now some smells like people’s lunches at work, the fridge, diapers, the garbage, etc makes me real queezy. Most of the time I’m mild to very nauseous, but not quite to the point where I feel like throwing up. Though there was one day where I drank a shot of wheat grass that was a couple days past its prime and that made throw up and regret it all morning. That was a blast. 

The nausea is the worst at night when I wake up to go to the washroom and then again when I wake up for the day. It’s hard to make myself eat breakfast or really at all during the day. Lunch is easier and supper is just hard trying to figure out what won’t make me feel more nauseous or what I can even just think of eating without getting more nauseous. For a few days earlier this week I had very little appetite so I was just getting juice for JUSU downtown so I was at least getting some nutrients. The food aversion is pretty bad too. Sometimes i want something and can’t wait to have it, then when I have it I want to throw up just looking at it:/ 

The worst part of it all is that I can’t handle sweets very well anymore😩 When I was pregnant with my girls I craved sweets or sour candies. This time with surro baby, I can’t eat any chocolate without feeling sick and it’s been easy to avoid Starbucks’ hot chocolate because I just can’t stand the thought of that much sugar. In a way it’s a good thing, but when a pregnant woman can’t down a tub of Ben and Jerrys…. It’s a sad sad day. 

Other than the nausea I’m now a furnace at night and can’t even handle sleeping with myself since I wake up in sweats constantly. I also get hot flashes still at the most convenient of times. I’m also exhausted and beyond tired all the time. If you’d let me, I’d sleep all day and all night. Super inconvenient since I have two kids at home full time😞

Hopefully this next week is better. For a couple days my nausea got better which was great but is also made me and my IPs worry that maybe there was something wrong. Turns out hormones fluctuate so much in the beginning and when you’re getting more blood pumping in your system all the symptoms are just random. We’ll be having an ultrasound right away so I’m stoked to be able to see the baby soon to show my IPs how well their baby’s doing. 

I’ll be done taking progesterone in a few days once I hit 8 weeks which will be great😁 But I still have to continue giving myself an HCG needle every 3 days until 12 weeks. They’re not so terrible and generally easy to do. I’ve always done them myself since my husband is a little shy with them. It’s a super tiny needle and is supposed to be quickly pushed in like a dart, but when I do that it hurts so I’ve been putting it in a little slower😕 I’m just so stoked about stopping the crinone/progesterone. So, so excited😆 

Because of the nausea and being busy with the kids and work when I’m not sick, I probably won’t do weekly updates. Sorry:( But I’ll try to update when I can. 

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