First Ultrasound

Baby’s now 8 weeks and 1 day. We were supposed to have a viability ultrasound done at 7 weeks but because of when my midwife booked it, we wouldn’t be able to get in until baby would be 10 weeks. After everything my IPs have been through, they really wanted to have an ultrasound done ASAP. So this morning I went to take a peek at how baby was doing. 

Before I could video for my IPs, the doctor wanted to take a look and make sure there weren’t any surprises. The heartbeat was really strong so I started to film. Of course once I put the camera on it was difficult to find a good spot to hear the heartbeat, but once he could he said it was very strong. Looks like baby’s measuring on time and everything on my end is looking healthy to make sure baby’s going healthy. 

My IPs were ecstatic to hear the news. It’s still very surreal for all of us. I can’t wait until I’m able to give them their baby and then they can finally breathe and realize it’s all happening for them and that their dreams have come through. They’re so hopeful though which makes things on my end easier. I always worry about how much they’re worrying but there’s nothing I can do to help that. Though the nausea is a good sign that baby’s doing well, it’s still not a constant peak into how baby’s doing like a magic mirror. 

And speaking of nausea, I’ve been off work this week since I spent Sunday laying on the couch in pain from the nausea. I had high hopes that maybe this pregnancy would be different, maybe it wouldn’t be as bad, MAYBE the diclectin would work… I was very wrong. My nausea continues at a steady incline. Most mornings I can’t be bothered to do anything before 10, then I’m still not able to eat breakfast most day, I’ll usually have a very late lunch, then supper is when I feel a tad bit better and am able to eat a decent meal with minimal digestive pain. Some nights I just sit over my dinner wanting to cry at how much I’m forcing myself to eat because I know I need to. It’s been fun. I’m still happy to do this for my IPs, but I’m not going to lie and saying I’m having the time of my life, I’m just happy to be able to help them😊 

I’m stoked about this surrogacy retreat we’re planning though. Apparently SCO gets together each year and had kind of a surrogacy party. The location looks amazing and I’m just praying they have that amazing chocolate again this year(I got a preview in my transfer box). Hopefully I can go and that the nausea will have subsided so that I can enjoy myself instead of wanting to stay in bed all day. We’ll see😕 

Other than that, I’ve been feeling ghost kicks this past week. I feel completely crazy cause baby’s the size of a raspberry right now. It really feels like baby’s doing backflips in there or something but I think I’m just getting excited for when baby does start moving and then I can show my IPs. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Chances are I’ve heard it before, no matter what it is☺️ 

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