15 Weeks! 

Wow! This pregnancy has gone by super fast so far. I was off work for about 7 weeks but am back now that my nausea is mostly just in the morning. It’s still pretty bad in the morning and I still spend a lot of time with buckets, but it’s better😊 Everyone still thinks I’m crazy for doing this especially with how bad my nausea gets and everything else. This baby has been especially tough on my body, but I would totally do this again. 

IPs have been so worried about their little baby so I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, 10 weeks, and another at 12 weeks. Baby was super active during the 10 week ultrasound but of course I couldn’t film it since it was done at the hospital. Baby’s parents are always happy to hear good news of how their baby’s doing and getting ultrasound pics:) 

My craving are so random these days. Some of it(like the pickled eggs) are “I need it now or I’m gonna die” and some are just that that’s all I wanna eat but can usually wait a couple days. So far I’ve craved poutines for several days, Thai for about a week, mozzarella sticks(until I threw some up and now I can’t look at them without feeling queezy), and now I just want sandwiches. I can’t get enough of plain sandwiches made with sourdough bread, lettuce, mayo, mustard,  cheese, and turkey. That and salads, love them right now. So glad I’m having some healthy cravings finally:) 

Also, I was asked the most akward question asked to me several weeks ago. I was totally blown away because I didn’t think that people weren’t aware of IVF procedures and how far medicine has brought us. And of course I was asked at the worst time possible, while getting a massage😳 I was asked if I had to have sex with the intended father to get pregnant. I was so blown away I just laughed. That is totally not a thing anymore, but back in bible days it happened. Just still blown away by the fact that I was asked that. 

And I’m super stoked for the surrogacy retreat:) can’t wait for that even though it’s only about a month away. 3 days of just relaxing, massages, swimming, and doing nothing but eating and talking with other surrogates. It’ll be awesome. This retreat is put on by SCO(surrogacy agency I’m with) and I’ll be able to go next year as well. 

I’m finally getting a baby bump too!! I had convinced myself for a couple weeks that I was just bloated, but after it didn’t go away, I figured it must be a baby bump. Lol. I guess with my uterus pushing everything up, it makes sense, but it’s just not what I was expecting. I’ve gained quite a bit of weight since my last pregnancy so everything looks different. I’m getting used to it and it’s exciting for me and the baby’s parents to be physically seeing progress☺️ 

As crazy as people think I am, I’m still so happy I’m doing this and would be 100% on board to do another once I’ve recovered😍

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