29 Weeks!!

Im not gonna sugar coat anything… It’s been a rough pregnant. Right now I’m dealing with extreme anemia, I’m not on medication for nausea anymore but it’s still there a little, my belly is huge and I’m measuring about 6 weeks ahead, my hips are basically useless, and my feet are giant marshmallows. I haven’t been able to make it for a massage for a couple weeks now, but for a while I was going for 90 minute RMT massages weekly. It helps a lot for a couple days and then slowly gets worse again. I saw a chiropractor this week and will probably have to go weekly for the rest of the pregnancy since my hips are spreading weird. Normally they would spread equally and then when walking, one side would shift forward depending on which leg I was using at that moment. For me, I guess my hips have spread weird and my left side is just doing its own thing. And because my leg muscles are attached to my pelvis, I have lots of leg pain as well as back and pelvis pain. Sometimes when it’s bad enough, it feels like I have Costco size rise bags hanging off each side of my pelvis. I really can’t explain how brutal it’s been. Rolling over at night is the worst. I’m trying to drink as much water as I can but my legs get all stiff at night, my hips gets more sore from staying in one position, my arms/legs fall asleep, and the baby shifts to one side, so it’s a huge production to roll over and I have to do it every hour or so all night long. And then onto my feet😞 Seems like no matter what I do, my feet are constantly swollen. I try to keep my feet up when I can during the day, but I don’t have a ton of time for that. Even though I go to bed around 7:30-8, I still wake up with my feet super swollen. It’s been significantly worse since I haven’t been able to make it for a massage so I’m hoping this weekend it may get better, but we’ll see. Here’s what they look like usually. As you can imagine, it’s also quite painful. Other than pregnancy discomfort, thepregnancy’s  been going great! Lol. Baby’s parents got to visit this summer for a couple days. We had an ultrasound and got to see baby moving lots and drinking the amniotic fluid. Baby was also playing shy and kept trying to cover their face. It was adorable. The baby’s parents still don’t want to find out the sex, so we just call the baby “baby” or “he or she” in messages. I really thought I’d go crazy not knowing what the baby is, but when baby’s not mine, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just excited to be giving these people their baby! 

I’ve started to grow out of some of my maternity clothes. Most of my shirts don’t cover the underside of my belly, so I look ridiculous. Had to buy’s a few more shirts the other day that I’m hoping will fit me until the end:) Like I said, I’m measuring quite ahead for the pregnancy. Baby’s still a normal size, but for some reason I just end up producing a lot of extra amniotic fluid. It’s not really a worry, whereas not enough amniotic fluid would be an issue. 

In other news, my husband and I received custody of my step son this summer. We’ve wanted to have him living with us for a long time now(basically forever) and the opportunity presented itself in July, so we took a plane to Regina, SK to pick him up. He’s been adjusting pretty well and is doing especially great with school. He’s still having a hard time understanding why he had to move here and such, so we just have to do a lot of reassuring and reminding him how much everyone in his life loves him. It’s been quite the adjustment for us as well, but we’re still beyond grateful to have him here😘 We’ll be moving a few minutes away at the end of the month so that our house has an extra room for my step son. He’s really excited to not have to share a room with his sisters anymore☺️ Shortly after we move he’ll be having his birthday party, which I’m especially excited about since I haven’t been able to spend a birthday with him yet🎉🎈🎁 His grandparents are coming to visit for his birthday, so he’s really looking forward to that as well. 

We’ve been pretty busy with my step son being here and having the kids start school as well as moving, so I haven’t put out an update for a while😩 So I’m sorry. But I’ll try to post more updates for the next couple months before baby’s born😘

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