36 Weeks and Almost There

We’ve made it so far and with minimal complications. I’m really impressed with myself and this baby. No preterm labor, only one hospital visit to double check on baby, and minimal Braxton hicks. I have been measuring ahead by quite a bit, so we had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and it was not at all what I expected. I kept telling the baby’s parents that I was measuring so big because I have excess amniotic fluid, which was the reason I measured so big for my two girls. They took so many photos of the baby’s legs that I was worried that something was wrong. We were all quite shocked though when the results came back saying that my amniotic fluid content was perfectly normal and that baby was just really big and healthy. As in, everything about baby is 90th percentile or higher. At my appointment today I’m now measuring 42 weeks which is significantly higher than last time, so we’ll be doing another ultrasound to see if baby’s really growing that much more or what’s going on. Looking at pictures, I’m pretty sure I haven’t grown at all in weeks. I see absolutely no difference. But we’ll see what the doctors have to say. 

Baby’s evacuation date has been set for the end of the month☺️ We only have a little less than 3 weeks together before baby gets to meet his/her mom and dad. It’s all very exciting and causing a lot of anxiety for everyone getting near the end here. We’re so close and baby’s parents are worried about being this close and the possibility that it could all be taken away by the smallest complication. We’re all just trying to hope for the best and I’m trying my hardest to reassure mom and dad that baby’s doing great and moving lots. 

As for my health, it’s been fabulous(said in an extremely sarcastic tone). I’ve been on special iron supplements for over a month now. I took a break for a few days because we were going to do blood testing without the iron but I could go without any longer. I’ve been back on iron for about a week and after blood testing today, I’ve been told that I’ll need to be going to IV iron from now on. My iron results now are the exact same as they were before I was on the iron and I’ve been craving red meat a ton recently. Baby’s just taking everything they possibly can from me I guess. I’m glad that baby’s doing well, but I’d like some iron too😔 And on top of just feeling tired and not being to stand too long without feeling like I’ll pass out, the anemia has also caused me to have shortness of breath. Some days I just want to sleep all day and can’t stand for more than a couple minutes without feeling out of breath and totally drained again. I’m just feeling super pathetic😕 My hips and pelvis are also doing amazing… I’ve been seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly, but since baby started dropping at about 30 weeks, it’s just been getting more painful. Most of the time it feels like I’m carrying a bowling ball in between my legs. I’m sure you can imagine how comfortable that feels. The best part is that baby goes up and down. So in the morning, baby’s not super low and then throughout the day drops further and further down. So I get to reexperince it over and over. Lol. 

As crazy as everyone thinks I am, I’m still so happy to be able to do this for such an amazing couple and I’d love to be able to do it again if my body wasn’t so against me. I know that this baby’s mom would give anything in the world to carry her child, even with everything I’m going through. So as painful and sucky as it is sometimes(most of the time), I’m thankful that I’m able to help this baby grow strong and healthy for his/her parents. I can’t wait to find out what the gender is and to finally meet this baby in a few short weeks😁

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